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Anjali Shah

Founder and Creative Director, Anjali Shah believes in creating absolute post-modernistic folk tales where innovation and function walk juxtaposed to portay useful and futuristic spaces that make your living better.

As an industrial designer, with a Masters degree in furniture design from the gravitated Central Saint Martins in London;

She believes in today's fast changing world, innovation driven and material led design is the true key to giving day-to-day objects the long lasting power. Her deeper passions are particularly driven towards designing kitchens and dining spaces in premium residencies of the famous cities in India.

Our Values

What we Practice


With rising real estate prices and ever increasing expectations from oneself, with increase in nuclear families and working parents, what we need is a cooking space curated for your needs. Those needs may be as simple as having a small kitchenette where you can cook a simple meal; or as functional as an easy to operate kitchen for your domestic servants/tenants; or a kitchen with premium accessories and appliances that gives you the right ambience and enviroment to spend some family time or fancy an experiment for your kids. We understand these needs, moreover we help you discover your own needs and desires. We want every woman working in the kitchen to consider cooking as a meditative therapy and not as a mundane chore. We do not compromise on the materials, the design aspects and safety standards irrespective of the budget of our clients.


They say you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with! That stands true with our world-class team of vendors who have been constantly associated with us for more than half a decade now, following in the same pursuit of quality, precision and world-class service.


Well designed products, systems and interfaces make our lives smooth. A fancy pull out that comes out and swivels around for easy access, or a magic corner that utilizes the corners of your kitchen effectively aren't just fancy accessories. These are worth your investment. Top opening mechanisms are designed for a purpose. Our point is, the most functional space of your home deserves investment and attention. The food you cook might taste the same irrespectively, but the experience while cooking will give you mental, physical and emotional satisfaction that every human deserves.


Our singular goal as a company is to be an absolute Kitchen Curator - A one stop solution for your Kitchen. With our principles deeply rooted in design and sustaibility, we are working on taking our kitchens more and more towards sustainability. The waste produced out of the kitchen should be rightly discarded and reused. Plastic and other non-environment friendly materials need to be minimized. We also expect to reduce our consumption of wood and Ply in the future by creating new structures for your kitchen that need less materials to build. There is a lot brewing on the backstage. We shall keep you all posted!