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Ideally, the lead time may range between 25 to 45 days depending upon the customer's requirements. However, it depends on two factors - firstly, if a cutomer is willing to invest in changing the structure of the kitchen or just renovate it, Secondly, the materials and finishes a customer chooses as per his/her taste & preferences. Changing the structure involves detailed civil work wherein Team The Kitchen Artisan might break the existing structure and rebuild it as per its new advised ergonomic, efficient and effective design. This includes breaking of existing countertop, tiling work, shifting electrical and/or plumbing which would need anywhere between 12 to 20 days by the engineering team. In terms of materials and finishes, laminate is one style that takes comparatively less manufacturing time compared to second style of our premium finishes like PU, Veneer or Stainless Steel. Hence, one can consider anywhere between 15 to 30 days for manufacturing and 5 days for installation on site.
Understanding the difference between the two; largely, both are methods of construction and have to deal more with architecture and engineering than design. Visually, more or less both might look same superficially. Functionally they are totally different. A well designed modular kitchen gives optimum storage space, justifying each and every square feet one has heavily paid for. In terms of safety and hygiene, the latter definitely proves to be a winner. Modular kitchen deals much lesser with cement, concrete and rough surfaces thereby minimizing the chances of leakage, crevices (haven for rodents) and waste of space. Decision between the two depends on the current situation of the kitchen; whether the platform and verticals are already laid or given by the builder and if the customer is willing to put an extra buck to break it and rebuild the kitchen (ofcourse this time ergonomically as per the customer requirements), or if he/she wants to utilize the current materials and build over it. Technically, as a designer, I personally recommend my clients to invest in a modular structure, enabling many benefits like choosing comfortable height of the platform, optimizing storage space, freedom to choose lighter colours for your worktop, much better finishing of the tiles and counter top than what the builder provides, better sustainability and many more.
Modular kitchen, unfortunately has been confounded and miscontrued by many in India. Thanks to many who have misleaded people with the very meaning of it. A modular kitchen done right, can give you much more benefits than what a civil kitchen can and also better longeivity. Just by putting soft close Hafele or Hettich hinges and Tandem drawers, a kitchen does not become modular. A Modular Kitchen is a style of construction where different modules come together and are interconnected to form a structure. Yes, we at The Kitchen Artisan, go an extra mile to make these modules completely customizable facilitating umpteen number of choices and freedom to make your space truly personalized and bespoke. Factory precision delivers quality results compared to hand-made on site structures. Civil structures eventually need a ply frame work to fix the hardware (as ply has better screw-holding capacity), encroaching futhermore space. Hence to answer this question, a modular kitchen can last you easily for 12-15 years if the installation is done right and has many unseen benefits too.
The Kitchen Artisan gives life time warranty on most of its products. By 'life-time' we mean the life-time of the product which usually is 7 years. This warranty is included on hinges, channels, our SS 304 Chrome plated baskets, Soft closing wooden drawers and on manufacturing defects for the ply or wood component.
This entirely depends on materials and finishes. Tentatively a modular kitchen with Quartz top can cost anywhere between 3 and 5 lacs INR (7,000 USD) for Laminated kitchen finish. Premium finishes like SS, Veneer or PU paint can cost more.
No. We give turn key solutions for your kitchens.
We are just a call away. After understanding the issue, the technician is sent within 48 - 72 hours for solution.
Many a times we are asked why do you only design Kitchens? And we smile and say 'because kitchen is the most important and functional space of your home. It needs an expert. A curator who can bring love and good health to your space'. A home cannot operate without a kitchen! As a furniture designer with background in Product design, our founder induces the philosophy of design as not only something that looks good but works good. A well designed product becomes your companion. Our love for details, our love for mechanisms and materials, our love for user oriented design - all are answered in one space - THE KITCHEN. Hence we only make Kitchens and we proudly do it better than everyone else setting a new benchmark for us everytime! We use materials that not only sustain the Indian weather but also the abuse of your domestic helpers! This era is flooded with fast retailing and mass production. But what truly makes a consumer happy and contended is a product that caters to his or her needs. Hence The Kitchen Artisan designs only what is abosulutely essential and it gives birth to only those projects which are not already made. We believe in a sustainable product and a sustainable environment.
No not at the moment. As such we don’t believe in fancy showrooms. If you wish, we can show you our past projects which means the 'up and running' kitchens and make you meet our esteemed clients for honest feedback.
At present, we are based in Mumbai and offer our services in Mumbai, Pune and Gujarat. Soon we would be expanding our operations in Delhi
Within 48-72 hours we shall attend and address your problem. Please call us on +91 77380 42460 for a hassle free experience
We understand our customers pain especially when the kitchen is renovated while you live in the house, we shall try our best to reduce the lead time in such cases, however in cases where we are breaking and rebuilding the entire structure for a modular kitchen, you need to provide us at least 15-20 days. For civil kitchens involving only renovation, at the most your cooking will be hampered for a day or two.
All our kitchens are produced in the state of art facility. The kitchens are assembled, processed and go through a stringent quality check at our factory by well-trained production experts. Then the product reaches your site, for installation, where we need no more than 5 days depending on size of the kitchen.
Yes. Please read our terms and conditions page for the details.